Construction methods of bridge deck pavement of asphalt concrete with high modulus
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Ministry-level excellent construction methods in 2013

Waterproof bonding layer bestrewing on hot asphalt macadam

Heat preservation control in process of paving operation in pavement layer and in paving process

Combined echelon formation compaction of road roller with horizontal vibration and vibratory roller with high frequency

Hard multifunctional layer with thick water and hard asphalted sand

Relying on innovation plan project of traffic science and technology and real engineering in Shandong Province, composite structure of bridge deck pavement based on asphalt mixture with high modulus is applied in area of cement and concrete bridge deck pavement for the first time. According to operational idea “ensure quality by means of technology and ensure technology by means of equipment”, packaged technology and construction technology adapting to large cement and concrete bridge especially the large-scale construction of bridge pavement in northern sea area have been established innovatively. And the results as well as transport service and commissioning of successive construction of Qingdao Bay Bridge, Jinan Yellow River Bridge and other engineering have proved that bridge deck pavement structural grouping consisting of bridge deck processing + waterproof bonding layer + multifunctional layer with thick water, high modulus and hard asphalted sand + bearing layer with thick water and high modulus + wearing layer and supporting drainage facility have outlived tests of traffic load and environment, effectively overcome early damage problem of bridge deck pavement caused by bad interlayer connection and insufficient anti-shear ability in pavement layer. Totally new construction technology and technical control indexes put forward in construction methods have realized new breakthrough in continuous mechanical large-scale construction of bridge deck pavement, which is of great significance in improving overall service life of bridge deck pavement. It is authenticated by the expert group that the overall achievements of the project have reached international advanced level.

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