Construction methods for maritime hoisting of steel box beam with large joints
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Hoisting of 72m framing beam section

Hoisting of shorter beam section

Hoisting of beam in whole section

Hoisting construction of steel box beam with large joints is one kinds of construction method with high degree of factorization and mechanization application. First of all, divide steel box beam into larger sections and complete manufacturing of steel box beam in the factory. And then use large transport ship to transport steel box beam with large joints to erected position and give full play to elevating capacity of crane to directly hoist the beam to required position.

For channel bridge of Dagu River, the hoisting scheme of large joints can make full use of hoisting of large floating crane with pre-cast box beam on non-navigable arch bridge to reduce workload at sea to the greatest extent, which has obvious advantages in ensuring engineering quality, speeding up construction progress, reducing risk of construction operation at sea, decreasing work amount in temporary support at sea and reducing construction cost and so on.

“Special hoisting appliance for steel box beam” adopts combining form of beam and cable and equalizing beam and bottoming beam are set bilaterally and symmetrically at the crosswise center of main beam. The central section of equalizing beam is connected with the upper central position of the main beam through pin roll and the upper part of bottoming beam is fixed to and connected with lower part of the main beam through flange. Two ends of equalizing beam and bottoming beam are respectively connected with upper hoisting hooks through rigging; several groups of flange installation panels are respectively installed on upper surface of two ends of the main beam outside equalizing beam and bottoming beam and the flange installation panels at two ends of main beam are respectively and symmetrically installed with one upper carrying pole beam through bolt and two ends of carrying pole beam are connected with lower carrying pole beam respectively through pin roll and rigging. Several installation holes are symmetrically set at two ends of lower carrying pole beam and installation holes at two ends of lower carrying pole beam are symmetrically equipped with a steering pulling plate respectively through symmetry of pin roll. And connecting rigging is installed at lower end of steering pulling plate. The invention is used in hoisting of steel box beam with large joints on channel bridge of Dagu River, which is safe, convenient and can be applicable to hoisting of beam with different lengths, eccentricity as well as vertical and horizontal slope, thus ensuring construction quality on one hand and speeding up construction progress on the other hand. 

Hoisting appliance combined by beam and cable mainly consists of hoisting beam, main hoisting beam, carrying pole beam, distribution beam, sling and hoisting lug. Advantages of this kind of hoisting lug is to further improve distribution evenness of load as well as stability and safety in hoisting process and it can adapt to hoisting requirements of beam section with several specifications and eccentricity. 

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