Construction technology of underwater bottomless concrete box
Author:Runshang custom service    Time:2015-02-02 11:00:36   

Put forward a complete set of design method and construction technology for underwater bottomless pre-cast concrete box, which takes water sealing with capsule and anti-cracking elastic stress absorbing layer system as core technology. This solve 2 big problems: concrete box water sealing and bearing, crack of box and fills the technology gap in home and abroad. It reaches international advanced level. Complete construction technology for underwater bottomless box solves critical technical problems of concrete box during bearing platform construction of bridge in water. It can replace traditional steel box cofferdam construction method and it represents current development leading edge of construction. It is and organic combination between developed new technology and traditional technology. It creates new bearing platform construction technology system in water, improves bridge construction efficiency, reduces construction period, enhances project quality, saves a large number of resources and reduces environmental pollution. Use and promotion of research results exploit new domain of bearing platform construction technology in water, improve bridge foundation construction technology system and provide new thought and alternative plan for construction technology selection.

In general, the project study shows that technology innovation improves production rate greatly and it also shows idea of sustainable development such as safety first, people oriented and cleaner production, advances scientific and technological progress in the industry and provides example and technical support for bearing platform construction of sea-crossing bridges in the future.

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