General Goal:Safety,High Quality,Effective,Environmental Protection,Honest Administration
Safety Goal:Firmly adhere to the concept of “Safety First”. Control safety from the root. Improve safety management system and regulations. Follow Safety Goal Responsibility System. Establish Safety Emergency Plan and practice the prevention measures in the emergency plan. Work hard to eliminate the safety potential risks and resolutely avoid outsize safety accidents.
Quality Goal:Make sure to get the first reward of High Quality Project from Transportation Administration. The high-quality proportion of sub-construction should go over 98%, and that of individual construction should reach 100%. Do the best to get National Luban Reward. Put improving project taste and structure endurance at top priority. Adhere to Detail Management and improve the management. Protect and improve the environment.

Investment Control Goal:Make great efforts to control the project investment within the estimation. Strengthen contract management and payment on construction quantity. Strictly control "Change Order" quantity. Promote fund supervision system. Be diligent and thrifty, and strict with budgeting.

Innovation Goal:Learn the mature experience and technique on bridge design, construction, and management from oversea or home. Re-structure and integrate various resources. Promote innovation. Try the best to make certain breakthrough on the technical problems troubling the worldwide. And train up a batch of experienced engineers. Improve bridge construction skills and management to make outstanding contribution to the global bridge construction.
Schedule Goal:Based on “Franchise Agreement”, the construction period of main path is 3.5 years, among which the construction period of the main body is 3 years, and bridge floor construction, the three systems and transportation connection need 0.5 year. Make sure the project will be completed by the end of 2010.

In 2007, the project is planning to complete the construction valued 2.06158 billion, 22.7% of total investment.

In 2008, the project is planning to complete the construction valued 2.65116 billion, 29.19 % of total investment.

In 2009, the project is planning to complete the construction valued 2.87209 billion, 31.63% of total investment.

In 2010, the project is planning to complete the construction valued 842.76 million, 9.28% of total investment.

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