Shandong Hi-Speed Group invested high-speed operation of the Shandong Hi-Speed Qingdao Bay Bridge is the current state-owned enterprises to invest in the construction of the single largest transportation infrastructure project, is the frozen waters of north China is first large bridge engineering cluster, with approach spans and cables, all longer than 41.58km, the world is first long bridge across the sea, of which a length of 28.880km, the second phase 12.7km, present, phase one and two are under construction, will be coming on stream next year and put into use. The two-way six-lane highway bridge and eight-lane urban freeway design speed 80 km / h, the bridge width 35 m, the design basis of 100 years.

Shandong Hi-Speed Qingdao Bay Bridge is the high-speed national trunk road starting from Qingdao to Lanzhou section of the expressway is planned in Qingdao city thing crossing "all the way, a bridge, a tunnel" in the "a bridge." Bridge will become the Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao City economic zone and the blue, "Central Bay protection, owned Bay development" strategy in an important transport hub, will shorten the distance between Huangdao of Qingdao to 30 km, 20 minutes, saving time and further improve Qingdao City transport links across the sea things, reduce Qingdao, Red Island, Huangdao the temporal and spatial distance, expanded framework of Qingdao City, to strengthen the two wings of the main city and the link, vice city, Qingdao city, exploring the depth of the development of new space. Qingdao, Shandong Expressway will further lay the Bay Bridge was completed in the Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao Economic Zone of the leading position in the blue, the development of the area played a very good land to kelp to promote sea-land, to promote the role of internal and external linkage.

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