Shandong Hi-speed Group was founded in 2001 with the approval from the provincial government. The leading group is managed by provincial party committee, and provincial SASAC performs contributor responsibility. For more than ten years, the group has been adhering to scientific development as the theme, development mode transformation as the main line, management innovation as the power, and capital operation as the means. It has realized the prominent transformation of featuring main businesses and diversified development, converting from a single enterprise that runs "one and half highway" originally  to a modern, international and efficient comprehensive state-owned super large enterprise group that features investment, construction, operation and management of roads, highways, bridges, railways, ports, shipping and logistics, and integrates construction, building materials, information, finance and real estate on the main industry chain.

So far, the registered capital of the group is 20 billion yuan, the annual business income is 45 billion yuan, and the asset is 300 billion yuan (with the market value part it is 320 billion yuan). The group ranks first among the enterprises in the province and in the industry in China. The investment and management of the group have extended to 22 provinces throughout the country and 106 overseas countries and regions, with a total investment of 70 billion yuan and the management benefit leading the province. With 28 ownership units, 2 listed companies, 50,000 employees, the group has been included in " top 500 enterprises in China " for 7 years in a row.

Shandong Hi-speed Group is committed to promoting the development of transportation industry. While growing larger and stronger, it forms "changhe" culture, closely centers on the values of "moral foremost for behaviors, people foremost for management, sincerity foremost for work, quality foremost for development”, actively performs the social responsibility, and won a series of honorary titles such as National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise, China Charity Prize, Governer Quality Prize of Shandong Province, Advanced Collective in Buiding Four-Merits Leadership in State-owned Enterprises of Shandong Province.

Future-oriented, Shandong Hi-speed Group now stands at a new historical starting point, will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "good, accurate, fast, large and strong" development, take "transferring mode, adjusting structure, promoting development, increasing profits, benefiting employees" as the main line, stride forward towards the "hi-speed dream" of "entering the world top 500, building China is Hi-speed Group, and achieving the objectives of rich employees and strong enterprises", and make new and greater contributions to building strong economic and cultural province and building a well-off society in an all-round way.


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