Shandong Hi-speed Qingdao Development Co., LTD would like to express heartfelt thanks for the many years’ trust and support from colleagues and friends from all walks of life. We will take meeting the demand of customers as the first duty, hold "create high-quality projects, build long-standing enterprise" as own task, insist on quality first, stay consistent from beginning to end, and wholeheartedly make contributions to the development of traffic construction.

                                                                                                                                                                   ---- Jiang Yanquan

Note: Mr Jiang Yanquan is incumbent legal representative and general manager of Shandong Hi-speed Qingdao Development Co., LTD, commander of battalion for the construction of Shandong Hi-speed Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, and chairman of the board of directors for Shandong Hi-speed Urban Construction Investment Co., LTD. He won the medals and titles such as the National Labor Medal, National Excellent Science and Technology Workers, National Award for Technological Invention, Outstanding Entrepreneurs of Shandong Province.

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